I'm an Independent Dance artist working in contemporary dance, dance theatre and all its related forms and cross artform collaborations. I have always been a shapeshifter and continue to thrive on adapting to the many roles I practice. These include Choreographer, lecturer, performer, dramaturg, mentor and artistic facilitator.

My Current work

My present research practice centres around the lived experience of the biological female artist in relation to chaos, disorientation, rebellious thinking and risk-taking, and explores the relationship between our biology and creativity. I am interested in playing with opposing binaries of empathy and anarchy and stereotypes of the carer and ‘enfant terrible’ within the power dynamics of the performer.  

As a maker I continue to be interested in creating live solo work, presenting dance theatre pieces that I write, direct, perform and realise in collaboration with other creatives.
My latest piece, Holy Moly Mother Of Chaos, made for my MA Creative practice final project at Trinity Laban, premieres at Laban Theatre and marks the beginning of a new creative journey and starting point for a larger work.

I am also developing my film work, through the creation of short screen dance films for festivals and installations

Outside of my solo practice I enjoy commissions for community, student or graduate groups where I can utilise processes and themes from my work to create a more populated live experience.
Whilst my work is predominantly located within a theatrical setting, it is often adapted for cabaret events or alternative arts spaces, and my independent commissions might include street performance and unusual venues or locations.

Until relatively recently I would have identified myself first and foremost as a performer. It is deeply ingrained in who I am and my immense experience in that aspect of the field continues to inform and drive my connection to this amazing artform. I still perform in my own solo work and sporadically for others, leaving myself open to taking on performance work that fits or feeds into the interests, agendas and projects that feel important to me, however it is no longer my primary professional focus.

My present professional practice is directed at working artistically and collaboratively with professional artists or companies, tailoring my skills to the needs of their project. I mostly act as movement or theatrical Dramaturg on research and creation projects and, if desired, as artistic facilitator to support and oversea the realisation of a project alongside a producer or team, from the planning and scheduling stages through to production and touring. Irrespective of my role, my aim is to place both the art and the well-being of the collaborators at the forefront of this process and apply my vast, varied, creative knowledge and experience to help artists achieve their vision through careful risk-taking and boundaried freedom!

As mother of 3, having a family has become part of my professional journey and an important part of life to be integrated into my working practice. It takes enormous organisation, resilience and determination to balance work and family, but I am a firm believer in organisations or companies working alongside independent artists to find solutions to the issues faced by parents. I am a strong advocate for creating better provision, support and understanding for mothers during pregnancy and returning to work, especially for freelancers who are acting as lone entities with no infrastructure in place.